Fine Furniture & Extraordinary Cabinetry

A native of California, Sean McKenzie began woodworking at the age of fifteen. With a strong desire to learn the craft, he entered the Baulines Craft Guild furniture program and apprenticed under legendary woodworker, Art Espenet Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter directed 130 apprentices and Sean was his last apprentice before Carpenter retired from teaching.


Sean worked in several shops over the next few years honing his furniture making and cabinetry skills. In 1994 he took a position as restoration woodworker in the cabinet shop of the historic Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. For 2 years, he meticulously restored and recreated the elegant woodwork and cabinetry in this more than 100 year old Beaux Arts-style national treasure.


With additional skills in hand, Sean took a job in Sonoma County, California at the Thornton Ranch.  This 11,800-square-foot home incorporated early pioneering construction methods in rammed earth, straw bale construction and reclaimed lumber. Working with cabinetmakers, Rob Gibson and Andrew Ottens, Sean milled fallen bay and madrone trees to craft cabinetry, windows and doors. The demand for the highest quality woodwork in this multi-million dollar estate established the benchmark for Sean’s craftsmanship.


In 1999, Sean opened McKenzie Cabinetry & Fine Woodworking.. The shop specialized in the production of high-end custom cabinetry and furniture for residential and commercial customers in the San Francisco Bay area. 


In 2003, Sean began the meticulous restoration of his dream project…a 1920’s Arts and Crafts bungalow. He put his years
of fine woodworking experience into the restoration with Craftsman-style cabinetry and furniture. At the same time, Sean reopened McKenzie Cabinetry to serve the public with well-designed and meticulously-crafted woodwork.


Sean has completed hundreds of cabinet, furniture and restoration projects coast to coast. He has extended the tradition of passing on his skills to several apprentices of his own and continues to design and build fine woodworking projects.



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